Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

No Drugs, No Surgery, No Pain

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects over 50% of men. ED can occur in up to 40% of men in their 40s but is more common among men over 50, particularly those who have suffered from prostate issues including prostatectomy.  The challenge for many men is that current treatments for ED, such as drugs or medication, can result in significant side effects or involve injections into the penis. But now there is a no-needle, no drug option with the Emsella Chair at Central West Health, where treatment is as easy as sitting comfortably in a chair, with your clothes on.

Don’t let ED dominate your life, take positive action now towards regaining your sexual confidence and enjoyment with a treatment program on the Emsella Chair. Book your discreet and private telephone consultation with our experienced and caring staff or a free trial in our appointments section below or call 0481 816 689 to ask any questions or to book.

“Having come to accept that my sex life was over, I’m amazed by the positive effects of the Emsella treatment. It has given me a new lease of life, both physically and with my improved state of mind now that I’m not worrying about performance issues.”

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. The key word here is 'persistent'. Most men will have experienced occasional trouble maintaining an erection, and generally, it’s temporary and related to the specific circumstances. But for many men, erectile dysfunction becomes an ongoing problem that causes high levels of frustration, anxiety and even depression. Ageing, vascular disease, weight, high blood pressure, stress and excess alcohol consumption can all contribute to ED.

The basic mechanism of an erection is increased blood flow to the penis causing it to engorge. Sexual stimulation, either by touch or by erotic and emotional stimuli, causes the release of nitric oxide and acetylcholine from the nerve endings in the penis and these chemicals activate and relax the smooth muscle fibres along the length of the penis. Relaxation of the smooth muscle allows increased blood flow into the penis, making it erect. The increased blood flow into the penis compresses the smaller blood vessels and prevents outward blood flow.

This process is reversed under the control of another chemical, phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which effectively dampens activity in the smooth muscle fibres, causing them to contract. The contraction of the smooth muscle decompresses the outward-flowing blood vessels, and the blood drains out of the penis. Any process that interrupts the flow of blood in and out of the penis can contribute to ED.

What are the treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are a number of available treatments for ED. The main ones are:

ED drugs

A class of drug that is very well known (but we are not allowed to mention the brands). These ED drugs are often a first port of call for men seeking a solution. What is often misunderstood are the potential side effects which can include headaches; flushed face, neck and chest; nausea; memory problems; back pain; loss of hearing; ringing in the ears and dizziness; and an inability to differentiate between the colours green and blue.  


There are at least two penile injections available to help achieve a single erection as they increase blood flow to the penis and in some cases cause constraint in the outflow of blood from the penis to create engorgement or erection. These include a prostaglandin-based injection and an alternative mix of Aviptadil and Phentolamine.  Men often experience varying amounts of pain from each of these injections, some finding the pain levels acceptable while for others it’s a difficult experience. There can also be additional complications including post-injection site reactions leading to small lumps or Priapism, a prolonged erection which does not diminish with time, and which requires urgent medical assistance.  

The Priapus-shot (P-shot)

This treatment involves taking some your own blood, spinning it in a centrifuge and injecting the white cell rich plasma into your penis. Treatments involving a needle in the penis are not appealing to most men.  


How do we treat erectile dysfunction at Central West Health?

Central West Health uses the Emsella Chair to treat erectile dysfunction. The Emsella chair targets the Bulbocavernosus muscle located between the scrotum and the anus. This muscle controls blood flow to the penis, allowing it to fill during an erection and pump during ejaculation. The aim of targeting this muscle and increasing its contractile strength is to create longer lasting and harder erections, facilitating better intercourse and positively impacting your sex life.

Emsella technology uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate over 11,000 intense (supra-maximal) pelvic muscle contractions in comfortable, half-hour treatments. The pelvic muscle contractions stimulated during Emsella treatment are far more intense than the voluntary muscle contractions you can perform during exercise. The treatment stimulates your pelvic floor strengthening the muscles and increasing the blood flow.

Strengthening your pelvic floor is also known to improve urinary incontinence. There are myriad factors that can affect male incontinence and bladder leakage, many of them linked to disease of the prostate. Prostate cancer treated by surgical prostatectomy or various forms of radiation, as well as bladder surgery, can all contribute to male incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

The Emsella Chair is a revolutionary, non-invasive solution for both erectile dysfunction and bladder leakage. Scientific research has shown that up to 95% of patients report significant improvement in their quality of life after a course of Emsella Chair treatments.

Next step - book your free consultation

If you’d like to have a discreet telephone consultation to discuss erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence and how it impacts you, or book a free trial treatment, please make an appointment using our online booking system or call 0481 816 689 to ask any questions and to book your free consultation.


If you’d like to have a discreet telephone consultation to discuss pelvic floor weakness and how it impacts you, or to book a free trial treatment, please make an appointment using our online booking system.

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