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I am 71 year old women  have and  seven grown-up children. I have been living with Parkinson’s which was diagnosed in 2004. Around two years ago I began having incontinence problems. I would urgently need to go with little notice and so began using pads. I would have to get up at least once through the night. Getting off the bed was particularly problematic because of the urgency and my Parkinson’s condition. I would sit on the side of the bed endeavouring to move the two metres to the en-suite toilet. On occasions I would make it. My doctor prescribed Betmiga tablets.

I began a twice-weekly treatment program with the Emsella chair on 5 October with the final treatment on Friday, 22nd October 21.

After 2 treatments I began noticing a difference; still problems but the urgency had lessened. After 5 treatments I was confident enough to discontinue the Betmiga tablets and now rarely use pads. Getting to the toilet is no longer an urgency problem – there is time. I no longer need to go through the night and as a result my quality of sleep has improved.

Perhaps the best difference is the confidence that I have when going out. I no longer have to worry about the location of the closest toilet.  This treatment has made my life easier, removed stress, the embarrassment of an accident and as a result I am more confident.


I am a 72-year-old male and have had erectile dysfunction for many years. In more recent times there are urinary issues. I have a frequently checked enlarged prostate. As a result of the enlarged prostate I need to empty regularly and there is little notice. At times I retain about 30%. I was getting up 2 and sometimes 3 times during the night.

After three,  twice-weekly treatments on the Emsella Chair I have observed an improvement in my urinary problem. My last treatment was 22 October 2021. Night-time visits are down to one and sometimes none. Urgency has lessened and usually it is just first thing in the morning when I don’t fully empty. Within 10 minutes the remainder is emptied.

I am very happy that there is less broken sleep, there is a reduction in urgency and that I seem to be able to hold a bigger volume. I am looking forward to continued improvements.


My 97 year old father has recently commenced treatment for urinary incontinence using the Emsella Chair. I was originally sceptical as he had suffered with urgency and was unable to stop himself from wetting his clothing or, more recently, his bed and felt that he was unable to empty his bladder, which caused him great discomfort. To use his own words, he could only do 'a few drips and drops'. This had become quite debilitating and was the primary cause of his admission to a nursing home. My father had been living in his family home alone with only help three times a week up until two months ago. Being a proud independent man, to become a victim of incontinence was not a favourable outcome to have to endure in the later years of his life as his mental acuity remains undiminished.

His first treatment was on 20th October 2021. The next day he was jubilant that he had had no accidents overnight and was able to empty his bladder, quite miffed that the nurse had taken the bottle away as he wanted to show me how much he was now able to do!

This improvement was quite miraculous. After another two treatments his ability to hold on without having any 'accidents' continues and his pleasure at half filling the bottle with urine still delights him.

My father is going to live with myself and my husband so I will be his primary carer and because of the treatments, using the Emsella Chair, my life, and his, have been made overwhelmingly better.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Central West Health for providing this life changing treatment and I would definitely recommend it to other sufferers of urinary incontinence as a means to change their lives for the better. You are welcome to contact me for any in-person interview on the subject.



I am a 73 year old female, two natural births with a history of urge incontinence for approximately four years.

I noticed a huge difference after the first treatment and haven’t looked accidents.  I used to get to the front door or start getting up off the couch and then not make it to the toilet. This no longer ever happens and stopped happening after the first treatment. I rarely need to get up in the middle of the night now and can shop without concerns of rushing to the loo.

I have finished a series of six treatments and have to say this has had a very positive effect on my quality of life.



I am a 64 year old Man who has had a prostatectomy in 2017. This was followed by radiation treatment in mid 2018. I have had nocturia which has worsened over time and recently I rise as many as 4 times a night to urinate. I have had 6 treatments in the Emsella chair and currently only rise once ,or not at all, during the night. This has been of tremendous benefit to my sleep patterns and lessened tiredness during the day.

I have had consistent erectile difficulties since surgery with no effective erectile function for 4 years. This is despite using both oral medication and penile injections. Both of which had limited effectiveness even when combined.

I am finding that I have increasing blood flow to the penis during the night and even the occasional soft erection in the mornings. Its early days but there already appears to be a definite improvement in penile blood flow.


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